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If you’ve ever ordered vegetables and fruits for your restaurant, you definitely remember all the struggles and recurring dilemmas you faced. Such as low quality, poor supplying services, difficulty scheduling orders, and if you surmounted all of these obstacles, another soul-consuming process begins of billing, tracking, delivery, and more.

We, therefore, recommend that you bid farewell to these difficulties, put everything into perspective, and choose Maymon as your restaurant supplier.


We guarantee the supply of fresh produce of the highest quality standards, giving you the right to return or replace them if they do not meet all agreed specifications.

Don’t Worry

We deliver fresh produce in crates compatible with food safety measures.

Self-Service Portal

Your comfort is our priority. With our easy-to-use control panel that allows you to order and manage all transactions and requests efficiently.

Order Scheduling

You can schedule your orders weekly or monthly, which enables you to specify the days and times of delivery according to your schedule and your needs.


We provide you with integrated reports on your purchases, which allows you to follow all details, and help you develop your restaurant.

Fixed Prices

Control your restaurant expenses through our fixed prices, which ensure the stability of the price of agricultural crops throughout the year and reflect on the stability and profitability of your restaurant.

Return Policy

We guarantee the quality of our produce. If the product does not meet your satisfaction, you have the right to return it.

Account Managers

In an effort to provide an exceptional experience with Maymon, we provide you with a dedicated account manager who follows up on your requests, account details and pushes through limits to provide you with the service you deserve.

Flexible Payment

We offer you various payment options. You can buy and pay by cash, or by monthly billing.

A Token of Love

We provide free consultation from our specialists in quality, food security, and safety to train your staff on healthy and optimal ways to handle and conserve crops.

Do Nothing!

We deliver your order to your doorsteps without the need to worry about any additional expenses.

In brief, at Maymon we are not merely your everyday fresh produce supplier, we wholeheartedly believe that we are destined to thrive when our partners grow. Every idea we propound and step we take to help guide you through your business is a huge leap forward for us to advance and learn.

Steps to work with us

Place your order

24/7 through our online site and select the delivery that fits your schedule


We deliver

You fresh produce needs daily with our temperature-controlled fleet

Your customers enjoy

Serve your customers safe clean fresh produce

Our Fleet

We have put together an integrated fleet of refrigerated vehicles to transport crops from farms to you, where the temperature is monitored and regularly checked through its journey to assure its compliance with our strict quality and safety measures across all of our logistics operations.

Our Facilities

We always push through limits to meet the highest food safety standards. In attaining such aim, we have supplied many facilities with all necessary tools and equipment.

Shortly after harvesting, the crop is moved to packaging centers, to sort and grade fresh produce according to their quality and ripeness. At this stage, the best and finest produce are hand-picked to be sent to refrigerated warehouses centers. All these measures encompass a sole aim, to provide you with a perfect product made with love and care.

Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is just a call away to provide live updates on your order.

Food Safety Regulations

We comply with the best international standards to ensure the safety of our products, from its harvest to its final destination. We also conduct all necessary lab tests for water used in irrigation before entering into a contract with any farmer, as well as conducting many laboratory tests in accredited laboratories to ensure the safety of our food from any harm or adverse effects.

We apply strict standards in our facilities and staff to guarantee that the place is clean and well suited to receive crops and food products.


Quality Systems

When selecting agricultural crops and food products, we always apply high-quality standards to pick the best crops, classify it and assure its sanitation. Our sincere attentiveness to quality and care for our customers urge us to taste and examine the quality of our crops before packaging it.

We also use the best and most suitable materials for packaging our products.


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