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Where do you go to buy your fruits and vegetables?

Most people would say: “from the grocery store or the supermarket. Others would probably go the extra mile and go to the central produce markets.

 One thing is certain, while our lifestyle is rapidly changing, the experience of shopping for fresh produce hasn’t been keeping up. Until now!  Maymon is the change you’re looking for!

We offer you all the options that fit your needs, to provide your household with ease and complete comfort.

We’re always around; you could visit our store, order from our app to pick-up on the way, or have it delivered to your place.

We offer convenience without compromising quality.  Whether you visit our stores or send someone on your behalf, nothing but satisfaction will meet you at our stores.


To provide safe and high in quality food products for the whole family.


To implement international standards in food safety and quality on the curated selection of products offered at Maymon from its source until it reaches the customer while maintaining reasonable prices.


Enhance the quality of life within our community
Raise the awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our community
For Maymon to become your go to store for all things fresh.


Reliable, Local, Curated, Sustainable

Our Story

The long journey fresh produce travels from the farm to the consumers’ home is inefficient and puts the safety of the Saudi consumer at risk. From a passion to change the status quo in the fresh produce supply chain was the birth of the brand: Dany.

With the launch of Dany, one hurdle we faced was how to ensure that we secure total control of the integrity of the fresh produce until it reaches the end customer.

We came up with a perfect solution; we invested in creating our own distribution channels to ensure the safety and quality of our products until it reaches you. This was the glimmer that sparked Maymon. A store that revolutionizes your concept of vegetables and fruits delivery.

At Maymon, we ensure you and your family healthy food with the highest quality standards of quality and safety. This kind of sincere and honest care served us as a catalyst to exert all efforts to deliver our products 100% certain of their safety, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Why Maymon

To realize our aims and fulfill our mission, we are committed to:

  • Offering curated, fresh produce sourced from the farm with thorough testing on the irrigation water used.
  • A temperature controlled fleet that transports the produce straight to your doorstep.
  • A next generation facility where the highest quality standards are implemented
  • A seamless ordering process through our omni-channel stores
  • A dedicated team of customer support specialists to answer your concerns between 10am and 10pm
  • Offer you the right to reclaim the cost of any product that doesn’t meet your satisfaction

Food Safety Regulations

We comply with the best international standards to ensure the safety of our products, from its harvest to its final destination. We also conduct all necessary lab tests for water used in irrigation before entering into a contract with any farmer, as well as conducting many laboratory tests in accredited laboratories to ensure the safety of our food from any harm or adverse effects.

We apply strict standards in our facilities and staff to guarantee that the place is clean and well suited to receive crops and food products.


Quality Systems

When selecting agricultural crops and food products, we always apply high-quality standards to pick the best crops, classify it and assure its sanitation. Our sincere attentiveness to quality and care for our customers urge us to taste and examine the quality of our crops before packaging it.

We also use the best and most suitable materials for packaging our products.


Our Fleet

We have put together an integrated fleet of refrigerated vehicles to transport crops from farms to you, where the temperature is monitored and regularly checked through its journey to assure its compliance with our strict quality and safety measures across all of our logistics operations.

Our Facilities

We always push through limits to meet the highest food safety standards. In attaining such aim, we have supplied many facilities with all necessary tools and equipment.

Shortly after harvesting, the crop is moved to packaging centers, to sort and grade fresh produce according to their quality and ripeness. At this stage, the best and finest produce are hand-picked to be sent to refrigerated warehouses centers. All these measures encompass a sole aim, to provide you with a perfect product made with love and care.

Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is just a call away to provide live updates on your order.

Our partners

Almalqa Branch – Riyadh

Alquds Branch – Riyadh

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Common questions

General questions:

About Maymon?

Maymon is a store located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a new concept of selling fresh products, like vegetables and fruit, dairy, eggs, and bakery.

Are Maymon’s products Organic?

Most of our products are inorganic, however, they’re safe, where the residual of pesticides is tested on all products. Irrigation water is also tested before contracting the farm.

How many Branches Maymon have?

We have two branches in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, one in Almalqa and another one in Alquds.

what is Maymon’s placing order?

Maymon provides two ways to order.

  1. You can use our app and we will deliver it to your house.
  2. You can use our app and pick up the order from our stores.
  3. Welcome visit our stores.

How can I contact Maymon?

You can contact our customer service by 920013445 or by sending a message via WhatsApp.

What are Maymon’s working hours?

We serve our customer 7 days a week from 10 A.M to 10 P.M and from 1 P.M to 10 M.P on Fridays.

where from is Maymon supplying their products?

We aim to provide our crops from well-known trusted local farms.

what is Maymon’s guarantee?

We’re eager to be supplying our crops of the highest quality standards, giving you the right to return or replace in case there is no damage to the product.

How many pieces per kilo?

The application shows how many pieces for each product by pressing the picture where details are shown.

Do Maymon have offers?

We do have offers section in our application, or you can subscribe to our monthly ‏publication.

What are Maymon’s products?

Maymon provides fresh products, like vegetables and fruit, dairy, eggs, and bakery.


What are delivery hours?

We deliver 7 days a week, from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Do you charge for delivery?

We currently charge delivery fees for 15 SR.

How soon will I receive my products?

The application provides a delivery schedule and you can select the time of your preference.

Can I pick my order from the store?

Yes, you can order from our application and pick up the order from the store.

What are the areas where the delivery service is available?

  •  AL OLAYA.
  •  AL AQIQ
  • Al- WAHA
  •  AL-WADI


How to order on Maymon?

1-You can download our application from apple store or google play.

2- Select the menu you desire where all available products are displayed.

3-Select items of your preference.

4- Click on your cart, specify order date, time, location and method of payment and confirm your order.

Do I have to create an account to order?

Yes, you must register to our application.

1-from Account enter your mobile number.

2-Enter the verification code.

3-Start your shopping experience.

Can I track my order?

You can track your order from the application, select ‘’My Order, Track Order’’.

Can I cancel my order from the application?

Yes, you can cancel your order.

1-Simply click on my orders.

2-Click on the order that you would like to cancel.

Can I change the delivery time from the application?

Unfortunately, there is no time adjustment from the app once the order has been confirmed, however, you can change delivery time by contacting our customer service on 920013445

‏What are the available payment methods?

Currently Cash on Delivery is available, as well Credit Card، Mada debit card.

‏ Can I add a product to my previous order?

‏Unfortunately, you can’t add an item from the app once the order has been confirmed, however, feel free to contact our customer service on 920013445 or via WhatsApp 0112719715

‏Can I make adjustments to my order on the App?

‏ Unfortunately, you can’t make changes to your order from the app once it has been confirmed, however, feel free to contact our customer service on 920013445 or via WhatsApp 0112719715

‏ Application not working?

‏ Make sure your app is up to date and set your location. feel free to contact our customer service on 920013445.

‏ Employment?

‏ If you are looking for a job or want to join Maymon’s team, don’t hesitate to visit our Website.